We’ll Help You Create Animated Infomercial Video That Communicates Your Perfect Pitch on a Shoestring Budget!

We offer professional video marketing and video production services for local businesses in Greater Toronto Area and will work with you to create an effective and dynamic video marketing campaigns. We produce engaging video styles to deliver your message such as Infomercial Video, Kinetic Typography Video, Over the Shoulder or Screencast Video, Whiteboard Scribble video, Animate Explainer video or combination of all styles.

We Specialize in Promo Video Creation and Video Marketing for Small Businesses!

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Why Use Promo Video On Your Business?

 Explain Your Business Clearly

 100 Million Internet Users Watch Videos Every Single Day

 Boost Conversion Rate

 Increase Search Visibility

 Great For Web, TV, Trade Show & Product Presentations

Why Choose Proximity Wave?

We produce Infomercial Video, Kinetic Typography Video, Over the Shoulder or Screencast Video, Whiteboard Scribble video and Animate Explainer video that brings concepts to life in a simple and easy to understand way.

Our work does not end with production. After production we can help you maximize your video’s return on investment with video advertising campaigns.

Here’s How We Produce Awesome Promo Videos!


Conceptualizing out an awesome promo video is the first part of producing something that is worth watching. Your promo video should resonate to your audience and not just recite a bunch of facts to your viewer; it should tell an engaging a story so they can relate. Great storytelling starts with a compelling concept and well-written script.


A storyboard helps streamline the explainer video production process by planning out each scene of the promo video before to starts the animations. In a nutshell, your storyboard is the blueprint for your infomercial video. It maps out the flow of your video explainer so that you and your production team can come up with a solid plan for your video that you agree on.

Voiceover Production

A professional promo video production should help you vet your professional voiceover talent. Because producing amazing video explainers is our job, we have hundreds of trusted, talented voiceover specialists we are familiar with and will whittle that list down to just three or four voices from which you can choose.

Motion Design

Based on the great concept, storyboard and voiceover, our team of designers will give the entire sequence of the story to life. From text, images or even video clips we will synchronize them together to have a great promo video result that communicates to your audience directly.

Background Music

Just like any other great movies and top TV commercials, sound track or background music plays a crucial role in making the story more exciting. Same thing with our promo videos, we carefully choose the background music for every video me make. The best thing is, you don’t have to pay for royalty every time you play your video.

Video Syndication

As part of the deal when you hire our services to produce your infomrcial or promo videos, we will submit your approved final videos to various video submission networks linking back to your website. This will greatly help to boost your website’s seo and of course added exposure for your business.